Guillermo A. Gutierrez

LA & Ventura County based creative open to collaborations

How I Work


Virtual Production

Familiarized and knowledgeable in what is needed for an efficient and productive virtual production workflow.


Experience producing different types of content from video games to traditional single camera productions


Production Design

Design and fabricate interactive sets and pieces to bring together the story and visuals of a production.


Unreal at Nite

Late night parody show. 

Emerging Garden

Emerging Media integration with CSUN’s Institute for Sustainability

Best 2 Out of 3

Interactive VR video game based on the classic “Rock, Paper, Scissors” game. 


360° video created in Unreal Engine.

Global Trade Showcase Competition

Winning entry for LA Chamber of Commerce’s Global Trade Week Video Competition.


360° video experience about the mysterious case of D.B. Cooper.

Saloon Snafu

Western-style short with a surprise.

The Brick Life

Still life photography slide-show.

Declan’s Secret

Dramatic comedy short.

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