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Limited luchas during a pandemic

Esteban Aguas

Limited luchas during a pandemic

Friday, July 17, 2021, Hex Wrestling Promotions presented a lucha libre event at the Miramar in Oxnard Ca, with wrestlers from Los Angeles and Mexico. This was the first event for Hex Wrestling Promotions back since COVID-19 in front of a red hot crowd ready for lucha.

Lighthouse Magazine - Guillermo A. Gutierrez

The event started at 6 pm but the match that stole the show was the intergender match. Lestat and Hit-Girl faced off El Sicario and the “Pumpkin Queen” Sage Sin Supreme.  At one point during the match, Sicario smashed Lestat towards the wall and left a big dent in the building.  The Miramar owners weren’t too happy about it but the fans ate it up. The match ended with Sicario and Sage Sin getting the win over Lestat and Hit-Girl.

Lighthouse Magazine - GuillermoAGutierrez

In the Main Event of the evening the King Rey Misterio directly from Tijuana Mexico and his partner Charrito de Oro to face Chaz Herrera and Latigo Blanco. The fan reaction was mixed on who to cheer.  The Luchadors fought inside the ring and into the crowd. This match ended with The King Mystery King delivering a frankensteiner from the top rope thus giving the victory to The King Rey Misterio and Charrito de Oro.